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What is the Dynamic Business Steering method?

Dynamic Business Steering is a comprehensive management control method consisting of five integrated modules. This method was developed based on our findings in Swiss and international companies that successfully abandoned traditional budgeting and is aligned with the six Beyond Budgeting process principles.

Why use the Dynamic Business Steering method?

Are you tired of 

  • the tedious efforts needed to elaborate your annual budget,
  • the political games played during the negotiation of annual targets,
  • the fact that the annual budget is often outdated shortly after its finalization,
  • the low quality of your forecasts,
  • the management reports explaining the past instead of the future, and
  • the political discussions when flexible resource (re) allocation is the need of the hour?

The Dynamic Business Steering method provides you the guidance to improve your traditional budgeting system step-by-step. It is applicable independent of the current situation and will help you to achieve the right degree of change feasible for your company:

How to get started?

Assess your company's current situation using our standardized Dynamic Business Steering Quick Check or learn more about the Dynamic Business Steering method with its underlying reference cases in a One-Day Management Workshop. 

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